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Invest in yourself

Hello, dear one! Are you experiencing feeling stuck?

Are you facing any challenges that are keeping you from showing up as your best self?

Maybe you’re at a bit of a crossroads…

I’ve been there and have experienced all of these things.

In fact, I’ve bumped up against many growing edges- multiple times. So many that have provided the invitation to self assess and to create changes. Changes that haven’t always been easy, but that have offered true opportunity for growth.

In turn, I get to help others do the same.

If you're working on yourself and aren't noticing any changes yet, don't worry. It is indeed tough to get out of a rut.

Sometimes, it takes longer than anticipated to bounce back. The difficult situations we face in our lives can wear us out and affect our well-being to varying degrees.

Be patient and keep practicing healthy habits to regulate your emotions. Take small steps to move forward.

Be grateful for every small thing that happens in your favor. Make healing a focus.

Let me know if you’re looking for support in this process. It would be an honor and privilege to connect with you. Are you curious about coaching/spiritual direction, but not quite ready to commit to a course or a package?

I am offering (8) 30 minute sessions over the next 2 months for a discounted rate of $40. If you are interested in listening to how life is leading you to allow clearing and balancing of your energy to prepare for what's next, I would be delighted to partner with you in this way.

*Upon purchase I’ll be in touch to schedule!

We all deserve extra support and a safe place to process. And it’s so helpful to gain insight and encouragement along the way. Together we can craft a custom plan to help you to know joy, experience peace, create balance in your life and how to show up to life as your best self!

Honor YOU— you deserve it!

Grace and Peace,

~Lea, xo


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