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Choose Your Program

  • Signature Program

    Journey to Peace

    Journey to Authenticity: From Perfectionism to Peace
    • 12-Week Coaching Program
    • 1:1 Coaching with bi-weekly call
    • Discover your unique gifts, talents, and abundance
    • Discover your unique spiritual pathway
    • Learn new skills to embrace imperfection and live joyfully
    • And more
  • Find Your Way Home

    Find your way home to yourself
    • 8-Session JTA Follow-up Package
    • Spiritual Companionship
    • Sacred Space
    • Reconnect with your Authentic Self
    • and more
  • Experience Freedom

    Experience Freedom & Peace
    • 4-Session JTA Follow-up Program
    • Spiritual Compaion
    • Sacred Space
    • Reconnect with your Authentic Self
    • and more
  • Power Hour

    Self Care Power Hour
    • Full Hour to be seen, heard, and supported
    • Focus on present circumstances
    • Tuning into your own truths
  • JTA; Health and Wellness

    Every month
    +$20 Joining fee
    12 week coaching opportunity- creating a comprehensive, supportive plan that helps you moderate cravings and work through stress that's triggering unhealthy eating patterns and behaviors
    Valid for 3 months
    • Daily check-ins
    • Weekly Zoom Calls
    • In person option (+ $20)
    • Support to make healthy lifestyle changes
    • Individualized food plan
    • Recognizing unmet needs
    • Identifying and shifting limiting beliefs
    • Learn to better care for needs (mind, body, spirit)
    • Inner healing and shifting patterns
    • Break addictive cycles of behavior
Work with Lea: PaidPlans
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