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We're all wearing masks...

Since mid-March we’ve been wearing masks. Our faces covered, only our eyes showing as we enter stores or pickup food. Quarantined for weeks on end. Keeping our distance. Isolated... lots of time spent with those in our immediate family. Time passing. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. Spring in bloom all around us.

How long though have we really been wearing masks? Our false selves, our masks, our shields. Response to how we guard ourselves from trauma, shock and stress. Our real feelings and desires tamped down. Hidden under layers of a silenced self. Our true self lost in the prison of the thoughts and opinions of others. The false self an artificial persona. How we’ve censored ourselves to make others comfortable.

Being authentic starts with knowing who you are and being in touch with yourself in the moment. Authenticity means being true to your values, your spirit, your inner knowing, regardless of any pressure to act otherwise. Finding your voice. Speaking your truth. Honoring yourself and your calling.

“Why are you so determined to keep your wild silently inside you? Let it breathe. Give it a voice. Let it roll out of you on the wide open waves. Set it free” ― Jeanette LeBlanc

What we’re going through now is a reset time. How will this change us? When will we stop wearing our masks? What will our new normal look like? How do we bring a different energy to the world by nourishing ourselves and calling forth our true selves?

Grace and Peace,


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