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Stretch yourself… Give yourself permission to make a mistake!

How do you feel about failure? Do you avoid it at all costs?

Do you trust in your innate ability to make decisions that are right for you?

Self-trust is the development of an unwavering conviction of your own value, worth, and ability to be, create and enjoy all that you desire in the process of living.

Trusting yourself means having the confidence to do what is best for you, moment by moment.

But what if you make a mistake in the process?

It’s important to know that mistakes are inevitable if you are doing something worthwhile. If the choices and decisions you make do not work out for your highest good, you learn that you will still be ok and that there is always a lesson underneath the action to be learned.

Viewing mistakes as feedback allows you to take that information and do something different, which always moves you forward toward greater growth and success.

Embracing mistakes enhances your ability to trust yourself, adding both confidence and faith that you have what it takes to press on in this amazing adventure we call life.

Need help building this kind of confidence? Comment or DM for a free consultation to learn about the support I can offer you through coaching.

~Our voices easily get drowned out in the noise of other people’s opinions, social media, self-doubt, tending to our family, or fear of what other people might think. Have you named and owned what you really want? I’m happy to hold space for you as you explore this!

✨I have 2 spaces opening up in July for new clients. Since you sign up for Authentic Soul Care you can purchase this special bundle (at 20% off) to go deeper with me into the work we are doing in the Authentic Soul Care Community.

$375 for 3 consults

20% off code: YOUMATTER20

*Existing clients are welcome to this opportunity too! 💕

*I’m also offering a group program and we will cover topics such as:

~Letting go/Releasing


~Spiritual Practices

~What’s Life-giving? Life-draining?


~Limiting Beliefs


~Right sized living

~Healthy boundaries

~ What’s the invitation of your soul?

✨Held over zoom beginning 7/15

✨ Please respond to this email if you are interested in learning more!

✨Feel free to share with a friend who you think would benefit!

✨Limited spots available though as I want to keep it fairly intimate.

Additionally, I offer my Journey to Authenticity course as a one to one program. This is a high touch container where we go through the program just you and I. There are six modules and we meet privately in an online zoom room either weekly or biweekly. There’s a weekly email check in and the opportunity to hop on a 15 minute call once per week as well. I’ve developed this 6 week program to help anyone who’s seeking to JOURNEY TO AUTHENTICITY.

Included is the opportunity to identify or practice:⠀

* Your unique gifts, talents, and abundance⠀

* Your unique spiritual pathway⠀

* Intentional practices, aligned with your core values and needs, that help you achieve overall well-being⠀

* New skills to help you embrace imperfection and live present and joyful in your everyday⠀

* and more⠀

~I have created these opportunities for conscious women who have a vision to make the world a better place and want to dig deeper into being their best. I journey with those who are looking to build a strong foundation of self-love and acceptance so that they can create healthy boundaries and prioritize themselves without worrying about other people’s opinions.🌸⠀

I’d love to connect with you! 🌷⠀

Grace and Peace,

~𝑳𝒆𝒂, 𝒙𝒐 💕

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