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Journey to Authenticity 6 week Group Program

Hello dear one!

I hope you’re doing well and enjoying the shift in seasons! 🌸

I’d like to take the time to share with you an exciting opportunity I created and have available.

I know how much courage it takes to make a big investment in yourself. It’s scary to take a risk in pursuit of something you can’t see, touch or hold tangibly. In choosing YOU, you’re showing up, you’re prioritizing your freedom, your true self, your authenticity, your future. It’s not always easy to put ourselves first and honor our truths. We often prioritize others needs and wants ahead of our own, especially with the many hats we all wear as we fulfill so many roles in life.

Investing in yourself - financially, emotionally, mentally, energetically - is so very brave! As you lean into your inner knowing and towards your freedom and power it is completely NORMAL to feel a little apprehensive, a little bit afraid. Risk is required. Discomfort is a natural response as you are stepping into the unknown. But you are CHOOSING the temporary discomfort of expansion & growth over the persistent discomfort of staying where you are, feeling stuck and never truly going for it.

I’d like to answer these 2 main questions so that when you do make a decision, you make one from a place of clarity, authenticity and honoring yourself, despite the fact that it feels risky…

Question 1: How much time will this require out of my already busy schedule?

~I get it, life is busy and it is typically going to remain busy. The important thing here is that you tune in to better understand the busy-ness of your life and your own 'right timing.' Take a look at how you are spending your time now. If you are feeling called to thrive, then there is always a way to make time for that.

~I would suggest carving out 2-3 hours a week to participate in this program - to create a morning practice, listen to some guided meditations, journal as you process each Module & come to the live calls. But not all weeks will require that much time. And if you happen to have a truly busy week, there's no need to worry! Your own timeline will be just fine. You get lifetime access to all of the coursework & content so you can catch up or redo any time.

Question 2: How is this different than all of the self-help & personal development content I already consume?

~Journey to Authenticity is not a quick fix, or one size fits all method. It is a transformational framework that will look different for everyone. It isn't me prescribing a specific set of rules or ideas in which you should follow in order to be 'fixed.' Rather, my role is to help you reconnect & interpret your authentic voice, the voice of your highest self, and assist you in connecting to your own truths.

JTA is a guided process that will feel extremely personal because it is specifically tailored to meet your own needs, and yet you will share bits & pieces within the small group environment. The personal work will hit you deeply and serve as a compass, while the group work will validate your experience and give you wings.

You'll be supported from the minute you say YES until you no longer need the support. You'll get lifetime access and you know where to find me.

✨Sign up before April 10th with the code, EARLYBIRD, and recieve $50 off! 🌷

✨Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have! 💗

Grace and Peace,

~Lea, xo

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