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Checking in…

Hello, dear ones!

It’s been a while since I’ve sent you an

email. ;)

I’ve had the chance to be intentional with my time and efforts, and have been really focusing on practicing being present in all aspects of life.

This isn’t the easiest thing to do!

It’s a choice to be brave enough to create empty space and to rest in it. However, it’s in the quiet moments that I’m able to best hear my authentic self, and to sense if there’s any invitation coming up for me.🤍⠀

How are you feeling these days? The last couple months have been a big reminder for me to really listen to my inner self and body. I have many practices I utilize to maintain my peace and serenity. However, there are days where I can’t help but feel a bit frazzled. Luckily, I’ve ritualized listening to my body and emotions. 🌺 I take it step by step and just do what I can at the time. When I’m “off” I’m aware that I need to reset and recharge. I’m no good to anyone if I don’t pursue that which feeds my soul and helps me to feel grounded and centered. ✨

All of this got me thinking, 'What helps ME feel aligned? What do I need right now?' Thinking about this holistically, everything that encompasses us: our body, our mind, our emotions & spirit, can help us connect to certain areas that may be ignored or that otherwise may have become disconnected, or unconsciously pushed to the side. ⠀

We can often overlook important factors to our overall wellness and then never really feel centered or fully energized.⚡ ⠀

When I'm coaching I often ask my clients where they’re experiencing tension in their bodies; this can help in gaining present moment awareness. This connection to the body, pausing and becoming aware, allows for spaciousness and a bigger picture of their current life circumstance which can then lead them to want to work on certain areas of their life. It could be anything from health and fitness, overall worthiness, addictive behaviors, spirituality or maybe challenging relationships. 💕 ⠀

So, 'How are YOU feeling right now?' and what's your body telling you? If you feel like you've lost a sense of connection to a key area in your life, I invite you to really listen to yourself and dig into what you can change and learn from, to ultimately feel your best and clearest self again. If you're already tuning into what's going on with you, how are you doing it? Let me know.👇🏽⠀

And of course, if you need more perspective or you're not sure what's missing, or maybe some space to organize your thoughts and time to expand on them, please know I'm happy to offer support. Just drop me a line. 💫⠀

Grace and Peace, ⠀

~Lea, xo

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