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Yearly Practices

Hello dear one! 🤍

I can’t believe it’s almost February already! Having had Covid over Christmas and experiencing what felt like a long pause as I was recovering and regrouping, life seemed like it was delayed in entering into the new year. However, this extra time allowed me to deeply assess how I’d like to choose to engage in the world and how I’d like to show up in 2022.

There are some annual exercises that I choose to practice at the beginning of each year. One of them is choosing my word of the year. I begin by asking myself what I need and what areas of my life need change and why. I identify what might be in my way— what obstacles might be preventing my growth. I consider what might need to go— old hurts, bitterness, should’s, could’s. Then I look inward and wait for my word to be revealed, trusting my intuition and asking, “What needs to be done in and through me?”

Then, I wait and listen…

This year I had several words come to me at once. I landed on: intentional, flexible, and delight.

These words all have great meaning for me.

  • Intentional: Choosing to be deliberate and purposeful.

  • Flexible: Adjusting easily to different circumstances and change.

  • Delight: Looking for what’s pleasurable in any given situation.

I look forward to living out these words this year and implementing them as I’m invited to.

Another helpful practice I do is a Grand Examen. For me, this means taking time to journal about the year past. To identify where to pivot and shift, what to celebrate and where there was opportunity for growth. I do this by looking back over my journals, my planner and creating space to reflect. I allow for whatever comes up and write about what’s brought to my mind and heart. This is such a helpful experience in aligning with who it is I’m called to be and what it is I’m called to do.

Are there any annual practices that you take part in? Please respond to this email and share, if so. I’d also love to hear what your word (or words) is/are for the year! :)

~We all need pathways to calm, clarity and open heartedness.

~I offer empowerment and support so you can live with presence, achieve balance and know joy.

~If you’re looking to dig deeper in uncovering your deepest desires and soulful purpose, I’d love to help guide you, to hold space, and ultimately to help you uncover the tools, processes, and rituals that are uniquely aligned with YOU.

I look forward to connecting with you. Click this link to connect.

Grace and Peace,

~Lea, xo

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