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Why do we do our “work?”

Why would you “work on yourself” or begin a personal growth journey?

The reason is simple: You start the process of self-discovery because you want to be the best version of yourself possible. It all starts with self-acceptance. ⠀

Self-acceptance is like a warm embrace. A turning toward with curiosity instead of contempt. An energetic shift… an openness, a willingness. ⠀

Self-acceptance is about living into your enoughness amidst every part of you. It’s about moment to moment choices that are honoring versus shaming. ⠀

Self-acceptance is about identifying and unlearning patterns of behavior that aren’t serving you well…being a little more compassionate, understanding, kind and loving. ⠀

In “doing your work” you learn to lean into a more tender way of seeing yourself. You’re better able to offer yourself forgiveness and grace. It’s an ongoing practice, ritual, process. ⠀

Self-acceptance is a way of being and a continual path within my work and my life. May we all form a deeper relationship with the acceptance of self. May our personal practices have effects that ripple out in immeasurable ways. 💫

Grace and Peace,

~Lea, xo

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