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What’s the thing under the thing?

We all have the ability to heal ourselves from pain at the deepest level.

Events we experience have the power to shape our lives. Some do so immediately, offering us challenges to overcome. In the process character is built, and we’re able to take steps on our personal paths. Some events seem to lay dormant until adulthood, when our closest relationships help to bring out the deepest aspects of ourselves. This is when unexamined lessons can be put to use and untended childhood wounds make themselves known in a call for healing.

We may discover issues of trust coming up, or perhaps we find ourselves mirroring actions from our past instinctively. No matter the case, we have the power within us to heal ourselves at the deepest level. With the wisdom of an adult, we can be the loving parent or guardian we needed as a child. Knowing that we are each whole spiritual beings having a human experience, we can nurture ourselves from that wholeness, and then reach out to others as well. With the wisdom born from age and experience, we might be able to see events from a different perspective, bringing new understanding and freeing ourselves from any hold the past may have on us.

Life offers opportunities to clear these weeds in the gardens of our souls. However, when we want to focus on easier and more pleasant tasks, we are likely to pass up the chances, leaving the wounds to continue to drain our energy and resources for living life fully today. We might find we need support to face the events of the past, so turning to a trained professional who can offer tools for healing can be a valid choice. As long as we remember that the child we were lives on within us, we are always free to go back and right old wrongs, correct mistaken perceptions, heal wounds, forgive, and begin anew.

I help women cultivate authentic, present lives so they can know freedom and joy. My clients are strong, independent women who have a heart for bringing about deep change in the world. They have often turned to crutches like different forms of addiction, over performing, or perfectionism to feel like they matter. I journey with those who are seeking to live out of a place of grace and dignity... those who want to uncover the thing under the thing!

I work with driven, high achievers who are struggling to find balance & clarity in being their authentic selves. The act of running away from yourself has clear consequences in your relationships. If you do not know yourself well, it will be hard to deeply love and understand those around you. If you cannot meet yourself in total honesty, it will be difficult to hold space and go deep with others. If you do not have compassion for yourself, it will be hard to treat others well.

My clients learn to:

• Embrace Imperfection to live with freedom and JOY⠀

• Take off the masks they’ve learned to wear and discover their TRUE selves ⠀

• Practice Soul Care through spiritual practices and connection⠀

I am passionate about helping women let go of what’s blocking them so they can know peace and experience a sense of balance and groundedness. My pleasure and my purpose.

Sign up to receive monthly encouragement for your Authentic Soul Care + find your way back to yourself with The Authenticity Journal ~my gift to you.

When you start journeying through your own inner forest, self-awareness is activated and the door to wisdom opens up, the unbinding of old layers propels your evolution. The fact that you are no longer a stranger to yourself helps you make your connections richer and more mutually fulfilling.

My goal is to help you create a more fulfilled life and I am here to disrupt your comfort zone and wake you up to your highest potential. Thank you for being here.

Grace and Peace,

~Lea, xo

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