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Take charge of your life

Hello dear one, and Happy New Year!!

How are you doing? What’s life been like as you’re settling into the first couple weeks of 2022?

  • How’s your head?

  • How’s your heart?

  • What’s been life-giving?

  • Life-draining?

  • How are you showing up for YOU?

  • How are you offering yourself grace?

  • And what can you celebrate right now/what’s going well?

These are all questions that I cover regularly with my coaching clients. My role is to help you uncover, discover and discard that which is and is not serving you. To help you in honoring your authentic self and to connect with that which lights you up and brings joy to your soul.

My clients and I also work on creating and/or strengthening healthy boundaries. Many of the women I work with come to me feeling stuck, unsure of their next steps and struggling to connect with who they really are. The work I do with clients allows them to more deeply align with their purpose and their passion(s). It's a beautiful partnership of us peeling back the layers and building you a foundation of radical self-love that unleashes YOUR most magical, authentic expression.

One of my clients shared recently, “I can remind myself and congratulate myself that I have done something different. I have made decisions that have changed the course of my life for the better and I'm proud of that.” ~I couldn’t be more thrilled for her and countless others!

Do you want to feel confident in your life in making good decisions and becoming the best version of yourself?

That’s possible!

Do you want to experience joy and peace instead of frustration? Would you like to release disappointment and anger? How would it FEEL to let go of perfection and unachievable expectations?

Certainly, you can experience ALL of this!

The good news is that you CAN change your life. You CAN find balance. You CAN make peace with your past, create peace with your future, and learn to love yourself.

It’s not too late.

And you are not alone.

I can guide you, hold sacred space for you, and help you identify the tools, practices, and rituals that are unique to you.

Take a look at the Journey to Authenticity Coaching Transformation Program and let’s work together!

YES, I’M TOTALLY IN! I’M READY TO TAKE CHARGE OF MY LIFE! ~Simply reply to this email or tap on this link to schedule a FREE clarity call.

Wishing you all the best this year!

Grace and peace,

~Lea, xo

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