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Our Souls Expansion

We are here to grow and expand as souls. Everything we experience is serving as a vehicle to an expanded version of Self. Our souls are awakened to this brilliant connection to find truth and freedom from suffering and confinement. There’s a wildness within our souls desiring to be set free.

This reality is a process of energetic exchanges. Those that align for our highest good. However, it takes an awareness to connect and observe the process. The journey isn’t linear nor is it really ever easy. In fact, it’s often painful and hard. We are stretched, challenged and it can be extremely uncomfortable. It’s often helpful to have a trusted guide.

There’s opportunity for growth with each exchange and interaction. Life’s experiences often lead us to the question of, “why?” There’s invitation and divine inspiration there to guide us if we remain open. ~Maybe what we’re experiencing is happening FOR us vs TO us? There is beauty all around us and we are held by love. How can we tap into this?

Returning to ourselves and trusting the process allows for presence. When we live with present moment awareness there’s less struggle. Slowing down our breathing, focusing on our senses and relaxing creates ease and a sense of comfort. There’s an inner knowing, a calming, a profoundness at our core. It’s a practice to reach this level.

Right here, right now, we’re okay. This moment and then the next. When we connect deeply with our authentic self we are able to tap into the depth of our soul. We’re able to touch upon a connectedness that exists just for us alone... to quiet the inner critic so that we can know grace and peace. To be not only awake and aware, but set free and comfortable in our own skin no matter what the situation.

Journey to Authentic Soul Care

I’d love to explore the opportunity to journey with you as you pursue your own Soul Care, an expanded version of self, so that you can experience a new happiness and a new freedom. To learn more about the 6 week program, Journey to Authenticity, please reach out to There are limited spots available. I’m able to accompany only a select few at a time to create a high touch experience while maintaining my own work/life balance and tending to my own tender soul.

Grace and Peace,



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