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Hello, dear one!

~I hope your week’s off to a good start!

✨ I’ve been getting lots of interest in the different offerings I have available…

✨A couple of important points:

➡️ Journey to Authenticity is not a quick fix, or one size fits all method. It is a transformational framework that will look different for everyone; it is a lifestyle. It isn't me prescribing a specific set of rules or ideas in which you should follow in order to be 'fixed.' Rather, my role is to help you reconnect & interpret your authentic voice, the voice of your highest self, and assist you in turning on your own truths.

➡️ It takes courage to make a big investment in yourself. It’s scary to take a risk in pursuit of something you can’t see, touch or hold tangibly. You’re showing up, you’re choosing your freedom, your power, your authenticity, your future. And I bet this isn’t exactly how you were taught or trained to operate. Most likely you were/are encouraged to serve yourself last.

➡️ And as you lean further and further into your inner knowing and towards your freedom and power it is completely NORMAL to feel a little apprehensive, a little bit afraid. Risk is required. Discomfort is a natural response as you are stepping into the unknown. But you are CHOOSING the temporary discomfort of expansion & growth over the persistent discomfort of staying where you are and never truly going for it.

~I’m here to answer these 3 main questions so that when you do make a decision, you make one from a place of clarity, authenticity and honoring yourself, despite the fact that it feels risky…

❇️ Question 1 - How much time will this require out of my already busy schedule?

* I get it, life is busy and it is typically going to remain busy. The important thing here is that you tune in to better understand the busy-ness of your life and your own 'right timing.' Take a look at how you are spending your time now. If you are feeling called to thrive, then there is always a way to make time for that.

* I would suggest carving out 2-3 hours a week to participate in this program - to create a morning practice, listen to some guided meditations, journal as you process each Module & come to the live calls. But not all weeks will require that much time. And if you happen to have a truly busy week, there's no need to worry! Your own timeline will be just fine here. You also get lifetime access to all of the coursework & content so you can catch up or redo any time.

❇️ Question 2 - How is this different than all of the self-help & personal development content I already consume?

* This program(individually or with a group,) is a guided journey that will feel extremely personal because it is specifically tailored to meet your own needs, and yet you will share bits & pieces within the small group environment. The personal work will hit you deeply and serve as a compass, while the group work will validate your experience and give you wings.

❇️Question 3 - What opportunities do you have available? How do I sign up?

*I offer a (6) week 1:1 coaching transformation program: Journey to Authenticity; I’m also running a (6) week group program beginning 7/15; additionally, I have 1:1 coaching/spiritual direction sessions (and packages.) 🌷

* We can hop on a clarity call to determine what’s best for you! 🌸

It would be my honor and my privilege to connect with you! 🤍

Grace and peace,

~Lea, xo

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