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Journey to Authenticity:(6) week Group Program

*How are you showing up for yourself? How are you intentionally choosing your freedom, your power, your authenticity, your future?



Do you want to be able to know joy in the present moment?⠀⠀


Let’s journey together to identify and practice:⠀⠀


* Your unique gifts, talents, and abundance⠀⠀

* Your unique spiritual pathway⠀⠀

* Intentional practices, aligned with your core values and needs, that help you achieve overall well-being⠀⠀

* New skills to help you embrace imperfection and live present and joyful in your everyday⠀⠀

* and more⠀⠀

I am offering a 6 week group program beginning 7/22 and still have a few spots open. I would be happy to jump on a clarity call with you if you’d like to explore the opportunity! 💕

Investing in yourself - financially, emotionally, mentally, energetically - is so very brave! 💪

JTA is a guided journey that will feel extremely personal because it is specifically tailored to meet your own needs, and yet you will share bits & pieces within the small group environment. The personal work will hit you deeply and serve as a compass, while the group work will validate your experience and give you wings. 💫

Journey to Authenticity is not a quick fix, or one size fits all method. It is a transformational framework that will look different for everyone; it is a lifestyle. It isn't me prescribing a specific set of rules or ideas in which you should follow in order to be 'fixed.' Rather, my role is to help you reconnect & interpret your authentic voice, the voice of your highest self, and assist you in turning on your own truths. 💗

*Send me DM on Facebook or simply respond to this email! ✨⠀

This link provides an overview of the program:

Hope to have you join me!

Grace and Peace,

~Lea, xo

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