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How do you feel about failure?

How do you feel about failure? Do you avoid it at all costs?

Do you trust in your innate ability to make decisions that are right for you?

Self-trust is the development of an unwavering conviction of your own value, worth, and ability to be, create and enjoy all that you desire in the process of living.

Trusting yourself means having the confidence to do what is best for you, moment by moment.

But what if you make a mistake in the process?

It’s important to know that mistakes are inevitable if you are doing something worthwhile. If the choices and decisions you make do not work out for your highest good, you learn that you will still be ok and that there is always a lesson underneath the action to be learned.

Viewing mistakes as feedback allows you to take that information and do something different, which always moves you forward toward greater growth and success.

Embracing mistakes enhances your ability to trust yourself, adding both confidence and faith that you have what it takes to press on in this amazing adventure we call life.

Need help building this kind of confidence? Send an email to: to schedule a free consultation to learn about the support I can offer you through coaching.

May you enter this new week joyfully, ⠀

willing to laugh, ⠀

and dance and dream. ⠀

Remember your many gifts. ⠀

Look forward to blessings yet to come. ⠀

May you be happy. ⠀

May you be healthy. ⠀

May you be safe, ⠀

and may you know peace. ⠀

Sending love to all,

~Lea, xo

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