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How can I be more present?

Hello and Happy February! :)

The days are finally beginning to get a bit longer! YAY! This is very exciting to me as I look forward to more daylight day by day. The invitation I’m sensing is to be present to it ALL.

How about you? What’s the invitation of your heart these days?

We only have a limited amount of energy on any given day, which is why it’s so important to choose where we focus our very precious energy. There are so many things that call for our attention and there’s always something to add to our never ending to-do lists.

Throughout the busyness of life choosing to be present to the here and now changes how and what we experience. We’re able to connect with what’s going on for us. A tool that I work on with clients is to really tap into what’s going on physically, with the five senses, at any given moment. Taking the time to notice: what they’re feeling (touch-), what they're seeing (sight-), what sounds are present (hearing-), what it tastes like in their mouth (taste-), and if there are any scents they are aware of (smell-). I’m also a big proponent of slowing down and creating more margin. This which I’ve found actually creates more valuable productivity in the long run.

It’s helpful to ask ourselves, “What is my presence like right here and now?” Is it fast and revved up? Is it quiet and expansive? Is there a need or desire to be fulfilled? Every choice we make throughout the day will take some of our energy. Why not ensure that you’re practicing presence and using your energy in the best way possible?

We must love ourselves enough not to abandon ourselves– and we abandon ourselves to the degree that we are not fully present to our own lives. When we are caught up in worry, fantasy, tension, and anxiety, we become dissociated from our bodies and our feelings– and ultimately

our true nature.

I’d be happy to help you uncover, discover and discard that which may be blocking you from showing up fully and embracing presence. My 6-week program, Journey to Authenticity, is a great place to start.

You owe it to yourself, and your loved ones, to be authentically you, feeling empowered to show up fully present to life on life’s terms (which isn’t always easy.)

Click here to connect and to set up a call to discuss more.

Until next time...

~May you be well

~May you be happy

~May you be healthy

~May you be safe

~Most of all may you know that you are deeply loved.

Grace and Peace,

~Lea, xo

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