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Happy Holidays

Hello dear one!

Thank you so very much for being part of this community. I’m so very grateful for YOU!

I see you.

I celebrate you.

I support you.

I care for you.

I appreciate you.

You are needed.

You matter.

You deserve to take up space.

You are here for a reason.

You mean the world to me.

Here’s to YOU! ⠀

The person you were at the start of the year and the person you are now. ✨ ⠀

Here’s to awareness. ⠀

And the action that follows. ⠀

Here’s to clarity. ⠀

And the ownership we’re invited to. ⠀

Here’s to relationships. ⠀

And the ebb and flow of what they bring into our lives. ⠀

Here’s to releasing the old. ⠀

And being intentional with the new. ⠀

Here’s to authenticity. ⠀

And not worrying about how it lands. ⠀

• 2021 showed me the kind of life I want to live and who I need to become in order to achieve that. ⠀

• 2022 is the year to go all in with strengthening my MINDSET and my health and wellness. ⠀

• 2022 is the year I pursue connecting more deeply with Divine Harmony. ⠀

• 2022 is the year I choose JOY and practice MINDFULNESS and PRESENCE. ⠀

• 2022 is the year I trust myself and take action towards expansion and transformation. ⠀

~I hope you‘ll join me in this and share your goals and desires too! Simply respond to this email. I’d love to hear your intentions for the upcoming year!

It is when you are willing to listen to yourself and be fearless that figuring out your next step becomes easy. Beneath the fear and hesitation and uncertainty lies your inner knowing that always knows which step you need to take next. If you can allow the taking of your next step to be as easy as putting one foot in front of the next, you'll notice that your next step is always the one that is right in front of you. All you have to do is put one foot forward.

This is what is encompassed in my coaching program, Journey to Authenticity. It's a beautiful partnership of us peeling back the layers and building you a foundation of radical self-love that unleashes YOUR most magical, authentic expression.

Sign up here:

*Payment plans available upon request.

20% off code: YOUMATTER20

MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sending love from my corner of the world to yours! 🤍

Grace and Peace,

~Lea, xo

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