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Cultivating intuition: Letting go of fear and control

If you’re wondering if you’re the only one who struggles with trusting your intuition, you’re not.

Dear one, I’ve absolutely struggled with this myself.

Trusting your intuition is something that takes time, and a whole lot of cultivating faith in yourself.

Cultivating faith in myself meant that I had to learn to let go of the need for certainty, so I could trust and follow my intuition into new adventures.

As I learned to surrender to the uncertainty of the unknown, I was able to start tapping into my inner wisdom (the part of us that knows what’s best for us). I noticed that when I tried to control everything around me, my heart became hardened by fear and judgement. I was afraid of things not working out exactly as I planned.

This was the opposite of how I wanted to feel.

Letting go of negative thoughts, cycles and patterns allowed room for more joy and deeper faith in my life.

Letting go of the need for certainty is hard, but so very necessary.

It meant resting in the face that I will be ok no matter what. It meant that I was trusting that the universe to provide for me. And it meant that if something didn’t work out the way I expected or planned, it wasn’t supposed to happen in the first place… and I could choose to be ok with that.

This was really difficult at first because I was conditioned to always have everything figured out beforehand. What I found was that letting go of the need for certainty liberated my mind and heart. This opened me up to a world of new possibilities. I became more resilient.

Please know that you’re not alone in desiring certainty and specific outcomes. You’re not weak or less than if you struggle to always remain open minded and flexible. Your feelings are valid and deserved to be honored.

These feelings aren’t bad things, they’re important for developing ourselves spiritually and emotionally so that our intuition becomes stronger over time. We just have to practice. It’s not an overnight process. This is a skill that takes time and lots of awareness.

As a result of this practicing this myself, I’ve been able to tap into my intuition in a much deeper way. I’m able to trust the process instead of relying on rational thoughts alone.

Another helpful thing I did in my own journey has been to embrace surrendering.

I would often try to play God, wanting to be the captain of my own ship, trying to control future outcomes. I had to take a good look at what I did and did not have control over. Turns out, there’s not a lot that I do have control over. Really just my attitude and my reactions.

I had to embrace faith, which involved learning to let go of my need for certainty (this was a difficult one for me). I had to release the grip of needing to know and control everything in order to trust that everything was going to work out as it was meant to, exactly how it was meant to.

Letting go of the need for certainty was (and still can be) hard, but it’s necessary.

Another helpful part of my journey was prioritizing life-giving vs life-draining choices.

These decisions were ones that brought me closer to my heart’s desires. In the beginning, I didn’t always know what the best decision for me was, there was often a disconnect. I started with small decisions and then began using my intuition, along with a discernment process, for bigger decisions.

It began with baby steps and eventually, it allowed me the space to align more deeply with what resonates with my heart.

I offer you these journaling prompts to dig deeper:

What is one situation that I feel tension around that I need to surrender? What can I control in this situation? What is out of my hands? Would it be helpful for me to write a letter and burn it to release my need to control this situation?

When was the last time I made a decision based solely on what my heart wanted? Describe it in detail. How did it make me feel? How did I feel afterwards? What made me make this decision?

I hope this helps you on your journey, my dear friend.

Know you are not alone.

I’d be happy to help you uncover, discover and discard that which may be blocking you from showing up fully and embracing presence. My 12 week program, Journey to Authenticity, is a great place to start.

You owe it to yourself, and your loved ones, to be authentically you, feeling empowered to show up fully present to life on life’s terms (which isn’t always easy.)

Tap here to connect and to set up a call to discuss more.

Until next time...

~May you be well

~May you be happy

~May you be healthy

~May you be safe

~Most of all may you know that you are deeply loved.

Grace and Peace,

~Lea, xo

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