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Holistic Mindset Coaching ~ Spiritual Direction

To thine own self be true

~Holistic Coaching incorporates the mind, body and spirit. A coaching situation that helps clients discover who they are; identify and clarify what they desire most; expand the awareness of their thoughts, feelings and actions and begin to align them to what they desire; create and develop strategies, action plans and environments to help them achieve their goals.

~Why work with a Spiritual Companion? They offer deep listening which helps people find and follow their own spiritual path; they ask insightful, open-ended questions that help people connect with their authentic selves; they allow for stillness and silence (contemplation) to help people become aware of what is deep within them; they walk alongside people as they make their individual and unique spiritual journeys. 

~ 1:1 Coaching Sessions or Spiritual Direction

Guidance & Inspiration for Your Authentic Life

About Lea Grove

     It's truly through experience that Lea has been led into an intimate relationship with Love. Even as a young girl she recalls striving to please others to have everything just so. She learned quickly to wear a mask of perfection, striving for attention and acceptance. This led her into a place of bondage from which it was hard to break free. She eventually turned to drugs and alcohol. There was a period of great confusion and darkness. Feeling alone, lost, and scared, Lea slowly began to climb out of the pit to which she had succumbed. One step at a time, she learned to trust, to know hope, and to eventually rest in a new freedom and a new happiness.

     Today, happily married and a mama to three beautiful kiddos, Lea guides women in embracing spiritual practices and connection. She helps them discover their true selves and embrace vulnerability and authenticity. She journeys with those who are seeking to live out of a place of grace and dignity. 

     Lea has experience working with women in all stages of life. She is a Holistic Mindset Coach, and a Certified Spiritual Director -Companion. She will help you reconnect to who it is you were designed to be. Lea has in depth experience with many aspects of recovery. Through your time with her you will uncover, discover, and discard the things that do not serve you and learn to embrace the things that do. She is passionate about helping women let go of perfectionistic ideals and begin to live a life of freedom and joy. Lea looks forward to the opportunity to journey with you and to hold sacred space for you.

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“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we're supposed to be and embracing who we are. Choosing authenticity means cultivating the courage to be imperfect.”

~ Brene Brown

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