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Beautiful changes, detours and re-routes

It’s been a long winding road back home to myself. Every once in a while you have to get out and reassess your path, and then set yourself back up and move on. Learning how to live your life without alcohol isn’t always a straightforward path. There will be twists and turns, and you may walk off the path entirely. Be patient and gentle with yourself, get curious and ask questions. Don’t get caught up in the idea that something is lost— because there is still everything to gain. Self-love has been my greatest ally and my biggest feat in my recovery journey. It isn’t always easy to love yourself, forgive yourself or be your authentic self. However, having your own back makes it possible to succeed. Connection is the opposite of addiction. You can’t find your people if you’re hiding the true parts of who you are. You can only experience the magic of connection when you’re willing to brave the discomfort of being seen and known. I’ve learned to be capable of sitting with discomfort. I’m worthy of experiencing the magic of connection. I’m a spiritual being, fully human, living aware and awake. Late summer, after many years of living alcohol free, I chose to re-evaluate my relationship with drinking for a few short weeks. I’m happy to share, one on one, the particulars surrounding the situation if you’re interested. This experience provided true opportunity for growth. I ended up quickly choosing to return to sober living, as I was reminded that alcohol doesn’t serve me well. The peace I have today is immeasurable. If you’ve ever embarked on the path of recovery you know— we really just have TODAY. I am grateful for my journey and I’m blessed to continue to learn and experience fulfillment. There is joy in the journey. It’s sounds cliche, but it’s progress not perfection. Healing isn’t linear and growth never ends. Unhealed trauma resurfaces when we try to fill a God and Purpose size hole with alcohol, substances, food or stuff. There IS a way out. We have to feel “it” to release it. We have to feel “it” to get free of it. We have to face “it” in order to leave it behind. We all have areas where we fall short. It’s not a mistake to learn and grow. There’s beauty and strength in how we choose to get back up, moving forward with grace and dignity. Reflecting on where our past has brought us lets us see that everything we have experienced teaches us a life lesson. At first, it may seem difficult to acknowledge, but even the things that are painful and challenging are sometimes our best teachers. Once we realize this, we are able to let go of the hold the past has on us and instead embrace the wonder and inherent goodness in all of our experiences. By seeing your past as something that has positively impacted you, you will open up to the abundance that is your life today. If you, or a loved one, is struggling with or questioning your relationship with alcohol, etc.— reach out. You’re not alone. Grace and Peace, ~xo, Lea

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