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Curiosity and Judgment can’t Live in the Same Place at the Same Time

How can we begin practicing getting curious versus falling into old patterns of judgment? We’re often quick to believe the stories were telling ourselves, that which we’ve been patterned to do without much thought. Without intention it’s not really a natural inclination to regularly slow down, to pause and to get curious. It’s easy and becomes routine to make quick judgment calls and snap decisions. We are conditioned by childhood, our environments and those with whom we regularly interact. What would it look like to curiously explore our truths and the truths of others? 

Life on life’s terms isn’t always easy. This is currently proven by what we’re collectively experiencing within a global pandemic and extreme social unrest. Additionally, there are family, work and household obligations. We must return to  wholehearted living. To practice slowing down and pausing. May we choose to be intentionally awake and aware. May we collectively get curious as to what others are experiencing and be present to them as we are to ourselves. 

Rather than impeding it, curiosity facilitates progress. There’s a spaciousness and a subtle, if not known, peace. It seems that judgment shuts down innovation faster than anything else. Choosing to get curious facilitates understanding and often compassion. Thus allowing for forward momentum, love and understanding. 

Curiosity is the antithesis of judgment. Judgment does not involve being present to the ideas of others or trusting in one’s colleagues, spouses, children, neighbors or friends. Judgment is rooted in past experiences. Curiosity and listening, leads to innovation within relationships. As we focus on curiously building relationship(s) there’s opportunity for understanding, depth and connection. This a unifying factor for our heart-center and the hearts of others. 

Again, how can we slow down and be intentional about pausing? How might you invest in yourself to therefore be curious about what you might be experiencing? Maybe you take a more loving and tolerant stance and get curious about what others are experiencing. Maybe you implement a new practice such as meditation, journaling or a daily examen.  Maybe you explore new conversations and begin building bridges that create unity? Be gentle with yourself as you journey forward uncovering that which you’re called to explore. Remember, curiosity and judgment can’t live in the same place at the same time.

Grace and Peace,



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