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~HAPPY SUMMER! Things are opening up! People are out and about and starting to travel again. There’s still a lot to manage and balance because, you know, life!

It’s so helpful to implement intentional strategies to prevent burnout BEFORE IT HAPPENS. ⠀

The recovery from burnout is way more time consuming than if you would have given yourself a break along the way. ⠀

However, we’ve all been there… IT HAPPENS to the best of us. ⠀

Here are a couple tips to avoid burnout or get back on track if it occurs. ⠀

✨Evaluate your sleep habits, your nutrition and your daily movement. Do you get enough sleep (or do you reach for extra caffeine each day instead?) Are you eating in a way that honors your optimal nutrition? How are you moving your body each day? ⠀

✨What’s going well? What can you celebrate right now (even if it’s something small?) HOW will you celebrate? ⠀

✨Create a schedule. When you have an ideal flow, and build in time for self-care, you’re actually able to be more productive. When you have a plan it’s more clear what you need to accomplish and when. ⠀

✨Hopefully this is useful!⠀

What does it look like to let go of expectations, control, and who you think you are supposed to be so that you can embrace who you truly are? ⠀

We can choose small, intentional habits to help us show up fully to our messy, beautiful lives.⠀

There’s continually opportunity to experience a transformational process. When we do our inner work and embrace practices that enable us to grow, our authentic self comes forth. The result is real integrity, love, authenticity, creativity, understanding, guidance, joy, power, and serenity. ⠀

We certainly can’t fix all that’s “wrong” in the world. However, we can do our own small part as we lean in, trust the process and move forward with hope, grace and courage. ⠀

Be authentically YOU! 🤍⠀

I’m offering a 20% discount on my 6 week course, Journey to Authenticity, if purchased before the end of June (Summer special!)

I will also be offering a 6 week group program beginning 7/15. I would be happy to jump on a clarity call with you if you’d like to explore the opportunity!

It’s easy to feel that something bad will happen if we don’t maintain our habitual vigilance by thinking, judging, planning. Yet this is the very habit that keeps us trapped in resisting life. Only when we realize we can’t hold onto anything can we begin to relax our efforts to control our experience. ~Tara Brach

Please know I’m here to support you, and this community, anyway I can!

Grace and Peace,

~Lea, xo

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