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Need a Re-set?

We must be willing to be uncomfortable for a while if we wish to be released from whatever has us bound.

Feeling out of place in our own lives can be a sign that we need to reconnect with our inner selves in order to cement our dedication to the values we hold dear.

As we live, we go through the process of developing new insights, new levels of open-heartedness and we get to begin integrating them. ⠀⠀


This encompasses examining our lives, awakening our minds, exploring our hearts and searching our souls. It involves expanding, growing, connecting, breathing, trusting and learning how to choose joy in spite of the messiness of life. ⠀⠀


Moving forward on the path of liberation calls for offering ourselves a ton of grace. It’s an ongoing process… the uncovering, discovering and discarding.


Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. It’s progress, not perfection. Choosing to trust in the journey unfolding, moving forward towards what lights you up, embracing your personal truths and releasing what’s no longer serving you.


Curious about the process? Have a growing edge you keep bumping up against? You can re-set, re-adjust, re-start, re-focus... As many times as you need to! ✨⠀

Grace and peace, ⠀

~Lea, xo

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